Why should you select Brave Custom Woodworking?   


1- We are the manufacturer This fact enables us to control the final outcome of your cabinet order for our in-house, manufactured products. This is a huge advantage to you as a buyer. You are in fact, at the source and our local facility is in Manassas, VA.

2- Our highly skilled and experienced employees designing your cabinets could likely build your cabinet as well! With this real cabinetmaking knowledge at hand, our designs will provide a complete, functional and aesthetically pleasing installation.  We prevent problems from the very beginning.

3- Brave employees are not on commission. 

4- We are one of the longest standing and highest qualified local cabinet builders in the area.

5- You will receive great service and a quality product at very reasonable prices.

6- We care about our environment by using materials, processes and finish methods that foster green thinking (read more).

7- We have the ability for you to review our cabinet construction, select finishes and watch your 3d design come alive on a screen.

8- Contractor licensed  and insured.  

      and finally,            

Let our customers tell you................

Upon installation or delivery, we request our customers to complete a comment /acceptance form and here are just a few of the wonderful comments we have received (see over 100 more in our showroom!):

Read about how our value added products will help sell YOUR home in the future. Everyone loves built in cabinets! In a poor economy, they offer to differentiate your home from the "pack" and make the sale. Alternatively, in a thriving economy, you receive substantial payback.


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See many more great comments and references in our binder books!

We started the customer comment process in 1989 so

we do have a few more for you to read!