Custom Bookcases & Built Ins-  CW Express: Key Features and Description

Our CW Express line is a fine cabinet system designed to save you time and money. It is considered a semi-custom line and will fill virtually every space requirement. Manufactured locally by us in 1/16" increments, CW Express can be a home office, entertainment center, bedroom cabinet, library, bookcase, free standing or built-in cabinet for any room of the house. Selecting from our cabinet line, we stretch the cabinets to fill your space and fulfill your storage/display needs. 

Nothing is pre-manufactured, just....  "pre-thought out".

Essentially, we have taken our experience in cabinet designing and building to provide you a custom cabinet at non-custom costs

All pieces are made to order and have several molding, door and finish choices. Construction style is called "frameless" (bases) & "face- frame, inset" (upper cabinets). Face frame inset is often only found on the most expensive and finely made cabinetry! Cabinet sides, top, shelves and bottom are 3/4" thick and are lined with solid wood 3/4" thick- stiles, rails and moldings. Shelves have a stiff 1- 1/2" solid wood face to prevent sagging under a load! 

Our customers especially like our painted lacquer finishes, which will blend your new cabinets into your existing space. We offer 5 shades of white to match your existing trim color at no additional cost. Or, choose a stain & lacquer finish on maple or cherry wood.

CW Express is available as a built-in or as a free-standing system (so you may take it with you). Variable depths, widths and heights will fill your space completely for a custom built look, all at economical prices. All cabinets are "furniture quality" and are fully assembled for your space. Professional installation is readily available.

Our quality construction techniques and one on one service orientation assures you of a high quality product at a reasonable cost. 

Our skilled cabinetmakers build each cabinet to the quality + value standards set forth back in 1984.

Our designs combine important functional needs as well as aesthetically pleasing layouts!

Hardware accessories and options are available for complete individualization.

We have references for you and provide 3D, rendered drawings for your review.

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